10 Must Have SEO Plugins for WordPress

When the topic of blog promotion comes up, the conversation usually turns to using social media sites like Digg, ReddIt, and others to generate traffic. And rightly so. But it’s crucial not to overlook the importance of optimizing your posts for the search engines. Remember, the search engines love fresh content, so a little SEO can go … Read more

10 Words to Use in Your Website Copywriting

Copywriting. It’s the backbone of your website. If you don’t use the right words, you’ll never convert your visitors into paying customers. So, stop focusing on those keywords for a minute, and start focusing on using these 10 results-driven copywriting words. 1. You–This is the most important word in your website copywriting. Unfortunately, few websites use … Read more

70 Do Follow Social Media Sites

A staple of successful internet marketing is a quality link building campaign.  There are many resources on the web on link building and I will not bother going into those details here. As social media has grown and evolved over the past few years, it has become a new avenue for marketers and webmasters to … Read more

Web Design Rules: 18 Rules the Best Web Developers Follow

There are many practices that web developers follow.  The best Web Designers & web developers though, set themselves apart by staying on top of the latest trends, maintaining a high level of credibility, and establishing a diverse and robust web presence.  Following the 18 rules listed below will surely get you closer to being one of the … Read more

65 Fake Twitter Profiles With Hilarious Tweets

It’s interesting to see the way that Twitter is used by various users.  It should then be no surprise to find that people are snatching up almost every profile name of celebrities, politicians, musicians, athletes, and even fictional characters.  What follows is a list of some of of these profiles.  There are funny profile pictures, … Read more

19 Handy Twitter Mashups and Tools

Twitter mashups and tools put a unique spin on the way we use Twitter. By “mashing” information from Twitter with other applications, you get an unmatchable user experience that can be both fun and useful. Enjoy these top 19 Twitter mashups.

The 11 Rules of Social Media Etiquette

Since social media is, well, a social medium, it’s important that users understand the proper ways to behave online. No, just because you’re behind a computer monitor in your mom’s basement doesn’t mean all social etiquette goes out the window. It’s quite the opposite—following proper social media etiquette is a key to being successful online … Read more