10 Easy Ways How to Build a Email Mailing List


Email marketing is still one of the most profitable forms of marketing available at your disposal. But to run a successful email campaign, you must have a good list. It’s as simple as that.

Here are 10 easy ways how to build your email mailing list.

1. Place signup forms on every page — Your website visitors can enter on any single page of your website. That’s why you need to have the signup form on every page so they see it whenever they enter.

2. Make sure the signup is above the fold — According to this recent study, web users spend 80% of their time looking at information above the page fold. This means, your signup form needs to be visible without the user needing to scroll down to get to it.

3. Explain the benefits of signing up — Don’t just put up a signup form without having anything attached to it. You need to let visitors know what’s in it for them if they sign up for your email list. Something as simple as “Signup today to get exclusive deals every week” works just fine.

4. Tempt people with a giveaway — George Carlin once said people will do anything you ask just as long as you give them a gadget or some freebie. Same concept applies to getting email subscribers. Offer them a free eBook, whitepaper, or instant coupon for signing up.

5. Have a print signup list everywhere your company goes — If you have a physical storefront, have a way for customers who come into the store to join your email list. You can also take signup lists to trade shows, conferences, and other events you attend.

6. Make it easy to share your email newsletters — Your email newsletters should have “forward” links and social media sharing links within them. This allows your subscribers to spread the word and raise awareness for your email list.

7. Promote your email deals on social networks — Let your followers know what deals you’re offering to your email subscribers and provide a link where they can sign up and take advantage of the exclusive deals.

8. Include a signup link or form at the bottom of your blog posts — Don’t just put the signup form on your main website, have it on your blog as well. You can create a smaller version of a signup form and place it in the signature of every blog post.

9. Try different forms and placements — Test. Test. Test. You never know how one simple adjustment can change everything. Using a different style for your form or moving it from one side to another really can affect the number of signups you get.

10. Have a signup link in all email correspondence — Place a signup link and call to action in your email signature. This way, whenever you’re emailing back and forth with clients, they’ll see your offer and be tempted to sign up.

Do you have a strong email list? How have you attracted so many subscribers?

One thought on “10 Easy Ways How to Build a Email Mailing List

  1. This post makes a lot of sense. You are so right in when it comes to searching for details for sign up at the top of the page. eBooks are also very popular as a giveaway, but you must make sure that the content that you are giving away is going to be relevant to a wide audience as you want people to keep coming back. Always make sure that you have a thank you response with a personal feel. Like you say in point 9, you can “test. test. test.” You’ll soon know when it’s working best for you.

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