4 Mistakes to Avoid When Interacting with Twitter Influencers

Twitter can be a powerful tool for spreading your message far and wide. A good number of RTs or @mentions can drive traffic to your website, help increase your social media presence, and make consumers more aware of your brand.


But the key to getting your message distributed as far as possible on Twitter is to have popular users on your side who can help you reach the masses. Think about this: Who would you rather have RT your content somebody who has 10 followers or somebody who has 150,000 followers? Obviously, you want the person with all of the followers to RT you so more people will be exposed to your message.

In short, it all comes down to influencing the influencers. Unfortunately, a lot of Twitter users try to do this and fail miserably.

Here are some key mistakes to avoid when interacting with Twitter influencers.

1. Constantly bombarding them with “Please RT” — Look, you’re not the only one trying to get the attention of these Twitter influencers. There are others just like you who understand that if they can get in good with top Twitter users, they can have a powerful network for pushing their content. So, don’t bombard power users with “Please RT” over and over. That’s not the way to get their attention and turn them into an ally.

2. Not taking the time to listen — Hopefully, your parents taught you to listen before you speak. Same thing applies to Twitter. Before you start reaching out to the influencers, take time to listen to them. Read their Tweets. Pay attention to the links and type of content they tend to share. In short, get to know them.

3. Responding to every Tweet they send out — Yes, it’s important to engage in conversations with Twitter influencers, but you don’t want to come across as being desperate. Don’t respond to everything they Tweet. Pick your spots. Only respond if you have something to say that brings value to the conversation.

4. Not focusing on building a relationship — There are no shortcuts in social media. You have to put in the time to build an honest relationship with Twitter influencers. Once you actually have that relationship, then you can start to expect the benefits that come with it.

Have you had any success reaching out to Twitter influencers? How did you do it?

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