5 More Tips for Getting More Conversions on Your Website

A lot of people like to brag about how well their website ranks in Google or how much traffic they get from social media marketing, but to me, none of that is all that important in and of itself. When you get down to it, all that really matters is your conversion rate. If you’re not converting visitors into prospects and paying customers, you’re not having success. Conversion is the goal for your business website. If you aren’t converting, you aren’t profiting like you could be.

While there is certainly an unpredictable, artistic element to getting conversions, there are also proven tactics that almost always help increase conversion rates. Here are 5 of them.

1. Eliminate unnecessary design elements—The more cluttered the page, the harder it will be for you to grab the attention of the visitor. When your landing page is filled with widgets, banners, ads, different calls to action, links, etc., it makes the visitor feel like he’s standing in the middle of Times Square during rush hour. It’s overwhelming. Take a look at your landing pages. If elements don’t contribute to the main message and getting the conversion, eliminate them.

2. Don’t make visitors jump through hoops to take action—Your job is to make it as easy as possible for visitors to take the desired action. If you want them to fill out a contact form to get more information, tell them to do so and embed the form right there on the page. Don’t make the form any longer than it needs to be. If you want a customer to buy now, make sure the buying process is simple and fast. Don’t force them to register to become a customer before they can make a purchase. Keep it simple!

3. Don’t give visitors too many choices—One of the biggest fallacies is that customers want lots of options. They don’t. The more choices you give your visitors, the more likely it is that they’ll choose nothing at all. It’s called choice paralysis. Too many choices can be overwhelming.

4. Repeat your call to action throughout the page—If you’ve ever seen an infomercial, you know that the pitchman will often repeat the call to action (“Call now to place your order!”) several times throughout the commercial. That’s because repetition is key to getting people to snap out of their passivity to take action. Make sure you repeat the call to action on your landing page often enough that it’s visible in every screen view.

5. Use testimonials to gain trust—Consumers don’t trust companies they don’t really know or have past experience with. They do, however, trust their fellow consumers. That’s why testimonials are such an effective sales tool. When a visitor sees that other customers have had great experiences with your company, they’ll feel more at ease and be more likely to trust you with their business.

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