5 Simple Techniques to Optimize your Blog Posts

Blog posts are a great way to increase search engine traffic. There are many who think driving huge amounts of traffic to their blogs is quite difficult. However, this need not necessarily be the case as it actually depends upon certain factors like:

• The niche you have chosen
• Marketing and SEO techniques

It also depends on how dedicated a blogger you are. Every day, there are millions of searches on major search engines and if you want to dominate your niche, you will have to take advantage of this huge traffic. One way of doing this is to optimize your blog so that it not only attracts more traffic to your site but also helps you rank higher on the search engines. Given below are a few techniques that can help you in optimizing blog posts.

1. Choosing the right niche and domain
Once you have chosen a particular niche for your blog, make sure that the domain name is short and includes a couple of related keywords so it’s easy for visitors to remember when they leave your site.

2. Using Google Webmaster Tools
The Google Webmaster tools help you submit the map of your blogs to search engine crawlers. This will help you in getting your blogs indexed quickly and in a comprehensive manner. These tools actually provide information about the performance of your site so you can take steps to increase visibility.

3. Loading Speed
Google has begun using loading times as a factor to rank a site’s authority on search engines. Websites that perform better are accorded a higher ranking as they provide the visitor with a better experience. Using tested techniques such as using a dependable host, reducing your image sizes and caching plugins can aid in reducing the loading time for your blogs.

4. W3C Compliant
Poorly coded sites can prevent search engine crawlers from indexing your site effectively. This is precisely why your blog’s code should be W3C compliant. You can in fact use the W3C mark up validation to check for any errors. A few minor errors may be acceptable but if there are many, you may have to hire a developer to make the necessary corrections.

5. Increasing Backlinks via Guest Blog posts
Guest Blog Posting that are well written are one of the best ways of getting quality backlinks to your site especially with the recent updates to Google search algorithm (Panda). Guest Blogging helps your blog gain exposure and increase search engine traffic and gain backlinks.

Apart from the above discussed techniques, you can also use the following to optimize your blog posts.

• Avoid Black Hat SEO Techniques
• Web Directory Submissions
• Creating Original / Informative Content
• Update your Blogs Frequently
• Writing New Product Reviews
Social Media Marketing

These techniques will help in optimizing your posts and will also help your blogs gain popularity and rank higher on the search engines.

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