7 Reasons Your AdWords Copy Sucks

A lot of people have trouble writing tiny ads for their   AdWords campaign. They can’t succinctly give searchers a reason to click on their ads and do business with them. Or even worse, they don’t give much thought to their AdWords copy, cranking out generic copy that just doesn’t get results.

Simply put, most AdWords copy I see sucks. Why? Here are 7 AdWords copy mistakes.

1.    It doesn’t include keywords at all—You need to   include keywords in your ad’s headline, copy, and display url. These keywords will be bolded in the search results, causing your ad to stand out a little more. It also lets searchers know that you have what they’re looking for.

2.    There isn’t a call to action—A strong call to action can snap searchers out of their passivity and give them direction for when they visit your website. Keep your call to action simple. “Get a free quote today” or “Call for your free consultation” are examples of clear, effective calls to action.
3.    Where are the benefits?—Customers are selfish. They want to know how they’ll benefit by doing business with you. Highlight your main benefits in your ads. Will they lose weight fast? Increase their income? Save more money? Clearly explain the benefits of your product or service in your ad.
4.    The copy is boring—You need to use powerful words in your AdWords copy. Words like “free”, “guaranteed”, “new”, and “save” can grab searchers’ attention and motivate them to click on your ad. Ditch the jargon. Use strong words. It’s that easy.
5.    You aren’t testing different ads—The worst thing you can do is to pick a single ad and stick with it. You have to constantly test different versions of your ads to see which ones perform best. By making minor tweaks, you can clearly see which changes boost your click through rate.
6.    There isn’t a USP—There are 10 organic search results and several paid search results on each page. Why should someone click on your ad instead of any of the other results? Your ad needs to let people know what makes you different. Follow these tips for creating a strong USP.
7.    Ignoring your display URL—Every little aspect of your ad has an impact on your click through rate. I’ve seen many cases where changing the display URL has helped the ad earn far more clicks. Try placing the target keyword in your display URL as this can help your ad stand out a little more and catch the searcher’s eye.

What other AdWords copywriting mistakes would you add to this list?

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