7 Reasons Your Company Keeps Losing Twitter Followers


It’s never a good feeling when you lose followers on Twitter. Many companies measure their social media marketing success by how many followers and fans they have (this is a poor metric to use alone, but this post isn’t about that). Losing followers on your company’s Twitter page is often a sign that something is wrong, and you may need to adjust your approach.

Here are 7 common reasons companies lose followers.

1. It’s all about you—If every post is all about you and offers no value to your followers, people are going to leave you eventually. You need to give your followers content that is useful, interesting, entertaining, and helpful to them. Stop talking about yourself, and shift the conversation to things your customers care about.

2. You post a stream of advertisements—When people follow your company on Twitter, they likely expect to meet some promotional Tweets, but no one wants their feed to be clogged by nonstop advertisements. You need to mix things up. Don’t just post sales-y Tweets. Make sure you’re giving your followers useful content as well.

3. You binge Tweet—There’s nothing wrong with being a prolific Tweeter, but you do have to be respectful of your followers. If you go on a binge and drop 20 Tweets in 5 minutes, you’re going to annoy your followers because their whole feed will be filled just with your Tweets.

4. You disappear for long periods of time—When Twitter users start tidying up the list of people they’re following, guess who the first users are to get cut? It’s the ones who never Tweet anymore. If you let your account go dry for a while, people are going to assume your account is dead and they’ll stop following you.

5. You offend your followers—Sure, Twitter (and other social media outlets) gives you the opportunity to be a little more informal and say whatever you want, but you have to remember that you’re always representing your brand. You need to make sure you don’t ever cross the line and say something that will offend your followers and, even worse, cost you customers.

6. Your content is boring and repetitive—Have you ever tried to watch a rerun of a show you’ve already seen? Unless you just loved the show, you probably got bored pretty quickly the second or third time around you viewed it. The same concept applies to Tweeting. If you’re giving your followers the same old, predictable content over and over, they’ll get bored and stop following you.

7. Your content isn’t relevant to your followers’ interests—As a company on Twitter, it’s important to have a solid understanding of what type of content your followers are interested in. If you don’t know, ask them, and pay attention to the types of things they talk about and the kinds of content they share.

What are some of the reasons you stop following companies on Twitter? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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