Website Credibility: 7 Ways to Make Your Website Trustworthy & Increase Website credibility


I hate to break it to you, but the online audience doesn’t trust you. If you’re trying to get new customers through your website, building website credibility is the key to your online success. Online shoppers are skeptical by nature, and for good reason. They don’t know who you are, and the internet is full of fly-by-night companies and scams. Below are some tips on how to check website credibility trustworthiness.

What can you do to earn their trust and website credibility? Here are 7 of the top ways you can build credibility through your website and earn that sale.

1. Include quality real testimonials on websites — Customers don’t trust you, but they do trust their peers. So, when other customers rave about how great your services are, people will take notice. Feature testimonials on your website, and make sure the testimonials include at least a photo of the person each is from (video is better, but not always easy to get).

2. Offer a money-back guarantee — One of your customer’s biggest fears is that he’s going to lose money by doing business with you. By offering a money-back guarantee on your products, you put his mind at ease, letting him know there’s a way out if he’s unsatisfied with the purchase.This eliminates the risk, and helps ease the customer toward making the purchase.

3. Highlight your experience with an About Us page — Too many companies overlook the importance of their About page. They view it as an afterthought or a throwaway page. The truth is the About page is actually very important for building trust with customers. Not only does it let them get to know you better, but it’s also a good way to highlight your experience and present your company as established and reputable.

4. Post your contact information on every page — Customers need to know that you’re easy to get in touch with. They want the reassurance that if something goes wrong with their purchase they’ll be able to get in contact with you for resolution. Be easy to contact, and post your contact information on each web page of your website.

5. Share your expertise on your blog — People trust experts, and they feel comfortable doing business with them. Use your blog to position yourself as an authority in your field. Share your knowledge and show customers that you know your stuff better than anyone else in your industry.

6. Have a professional web design — First impressions are everything, and if your website has a cheap, spammy-looking design, you’re going to scare off a lot of potential customers. The truth is people do judge based on looks, so it’s important that your website design for your business need to look professional.

7. Double-check your copy for typos and errors—If your website is littered with misspellings, poor grammar, and other mistakes, no one is going to take you seriously.

7 thoughts on “Website Credibility: 7 Ways to Make Your Website Trustworthy & Increase Website credibility

  1. great article! working with houston web designers for a couple of months and I never really understood what they meant by having a trustworthy site. I figured it was all marketing and it would all work the same. So not true. thanks!

  2. Very high-quality blog and the first two points are most important among all the others, though the other points are also very meaningful. Your site shouldh’v glorious testimonials for other business owner’s attraction and extra importance on it, also the money-back guarantee can convert client’s query into business as the satisfaction level is higher on this occasion.

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