7 Steps to Launch a Successful Business Blog

Tweet According to IBM research, 80 percent of those who start a corporate blog never post more than 5 entries. That’s right–80 percent of business blogs die without publishing more than 5 posts. That’s an alarming failure rate for business blogs, and for a company thinking about starting a blog, it can understandably give you […]

5 Great Reasons to Start Guest Blogging Today

Tweet By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard some of the buzz surrounding guest blogging. Over the past couple of years, guest blogging has become one of the most popular content marketing strategies of them all. It seems like you can’t go a day without coming across someone singing the praises of guest blogging. But maybe you’re […]

7 Ways to Screw Up Your Blog

Tweet There are hundreds of millions of blogs littering the web, and most of them are just that—digital litter. Let’s be honest. Most blogs suck. You can probably count the number of blogs you truly follow on one hand, maybe two if you’re really addicted to the web. Why do most blogs suck and how […]

Should You Have a Comments Policy on Your Blog?

Tweet If you have a blog, you (at least hope to) get people commenting on your posts. Up until now, you might not have given much thought to your policy for approving comments. You probably either just approved all comments, or you approved most of them but deleted ones that you didn’t like for one […]

7 Ways to Get More Blog Comments

Tweet One of the measures of a blog’s success at engaging readers is the number of comments it gets. Let’s face it—a blog without comments is just plain sad. If people aren’t commenting on your posts, it means you’re either not getting a lot of traffic or your posts just aren’t interesting enough to warrant […]