What Should You Do When Your Blog Stops Growing?

Tweet Achieving long-term blog growth is a pretty challenging task. At some point, you’re going to plateau and stop attracting new subscribers and visitors. Your traffic levels will flatten out, and in short, your blog will stop getting bigger. But for most blogs, there are more potential readers out there. Even if you have tens […]

6 Business Blogging Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Tweet Knowing how to write a blog involves understanding some basic do’s and don’ts. Below are listed some of the more grievous mistakes to avoid. 1. Boring Headlines You could write the most useful and informative blog, but if your headline did not attract attention, it would never be read. It is far too easy […]

8 Considerations For Potential Business Bloggers

Tweet The Internet…if you are in business, you can’t live without it and at times, you can’t live with it. The seemingly endless advances in internet technology challenge businesses of all sizes to be adaptable to change in all forms. For example, online marketing barely existed before the Millennium and in a little over a […]

The Five W’s (and one H) As Guidelines For Content Marketing

Tweet Content Marketing is a blanket term for Internet marketing that incorporates high-quality, value enriched content that generates profitable customer action. Additional benefits include building consumer trust, brand loyalty, as well as customer expansion and retention. The content shared in websites, blogs, social media sites and advertising links has the potential to influence the consumer […]

10 Suggestions for Boosting Blog Reader Comments

Tweet Inherent within human communication is the need for a response. This is no less true for thousands of bloggers who write to share information, as well as evoke comments from their readers. However, what is a blogger to do when blog readers are not forthcoming with their responses? For the concerned blogger, here are […]

8 Guidelines for Guest Blogging Etiquette

Tweet 2010 was the year of the guest blogger. Sure, guest blogging is as old as blogging itself, but 2010 was the year that the concept of guest blogging for link building, branding, and authority building really began to explode in popularity. There was even a community like myblogguest that connected guest bloggers with blogs […]