To Hire Or Not To Hire An SEO Agency: That Is The Question

Tweet The question of whether or not to hire a professional SEO agency may not be as deep as what Hamlet was pondering, but it is an important consideration, especially for small business owners.  An entrepreneur is only capable of addressing  a limited number of business issues without sacrificing the well-being of the company.  An […]

3 Reasons Why To Budget For SEO Professionals

Tweet For those of us who are not accountants, preparing budgets is one of those I-would-rather-be-hung- by-my-thumbs exercises. Even when an accountant is engaged, it is still dependent upon the owner and department heads to address the line items in need of budgeting. Both entities tend to budget for items they prioritize and underfund or […]

Mapping Your SEO Goals

Tweet Setting goals is a general standard for successful individuals and organizations. Studies have shown that people who set written goals are over 95% more successful at achieving those goals than those who merely have ideas, or no conceived goals. The concept of mapping gained popularity as a practical application for life coaches to help […]

Website Credibility: 7 Ways to Make Your Website Trustworthy & Increase Website credibility

Tweet I hate to break it to you, but the online audience doesn’t trust you. If you’re trying to get new customers through your website, building website credibility is the key to your online success. Online shoppers are skeptical by nature, and for good reason. They don’t know who you are, and the internet is […]

7 Reasons Your AdWords Copy Sucks

Tweet A lot of people have trouble writing tiny ads for their   AdWords campaign. They can’t succinctly give searchers a reason to click on their ads and do business with them. Or even worse, they don’t give much thought to their AdWords copy, cranking out generic copy that just doesn’t get results. Simply put, most […]

7 Landing Page Mistakes

Tweet When visitors drop by your landing pages, what happens? If you’re making any of these deadly mistakes, they probably aren’t converting. Instead, they’re backing out of your website, and you never hear from them again. Here are the top 7 landing page mistakes to avoid. 1. No strong headline—As soon as someone clicks on […]