How Small Businesses Can Grow Using Social Media

Tweet Social media has revolutionized the way a business can market and promote itself to its customers. Apart from the low costs involved, social media offers a number of benefits to small businesses. Let’s look at how small businesses can grow using social media. Recommendations People find out about businesses on social media sites through […]

The Social Signals That Are Important For SEO

Tweet By now, you probably already know that social media affects SEO. The ultimate goal of the search engines is to provide users with results that are highly relevant to their interests. By incorporating social signals into their algorithms, the major search engines are now able to provide results that are more personalized to the […]

6 Clichés That Will Help You Be a Better Social Media Marketer

Tweet While you might cringe any time you hear a cliché, the fact of the matter is we use clichés in our everyday lives because they make it easier for us to explain something. Clichés are pretty much understood by us all, and they can be used to explain just about anything—even social media marketing. […]