6 Business Blogging Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Tweet Knowing how to write a blog involves understanding some basic do’s and don’ts. Below are listed some of the more grievous mistakes to avoid. 1. Boring Headlines You could write the most useful and informative blog, but if your headline did not attract attention, it would never be read. It is far too easy […]

8 Guidelines for Guest Blogging Etiquette

Tweet 2010 was the year of the guest blogger. Sure, guest blogging is as old as blogging itself, but 2010 was the year that the concept of guest blogging for link building, branding, and authority building really began to explode in popularity. There was even a community like myblogguest that connected guest bloggers with blogs […]

7 Ways to Create Blog Content That Attracts More Back Links

Tweet As bloggers, we’re always striving to get back links in any way we can. Back links act as an endorsement of your content, they drive traffic, and they help your website rank better in the search engines. But just blogging on a daily basis doesn’t guarantee you’ll get links from other websites. There’s a […]

19 Handy Twitter Mashups and Tools

Tweet Posted By Thomson Chemmanoor Twitter mashups and tools put a unique spin on the way we use Twitter. By “mashing” information from Twitter with other applications, you get an unmatchable user experience that can be both fun and useful. Enjoy these top 19 Twitter mashups. 1) Twitter Burner – Tweetburner is a twitter mashup […]

Is Twitter Rank a Phishing Site?!

Tweet Twitter Rank has been get a sizeable amount of tweets lately.  Whether Tweeples are just fanning their egos or checking to see how their profiles stack up,  Tweeples are turning over their user names and passwords to Twitter rank – all to get a statistic. Oliver Marks posted an article about this here where […]

The 11 Rules of Social Media Etiquette

Tweet Since social media is, well, a social medium, it’s important that users understand the proper ways to behave online. No, just because you’re behind a computer monitor in your mom’s basement doesn’t mean all social etiquette goes out the window. It’s quite the opposite—following proper social media etiquette is a key to being successful […]

Web Design Cheat Sheet : 70+ Cheat Sheet Resources for Web Designers

Tweet Posted By Thomson Chemmanoor Cheat sheats, or reference sheets, are a helpful and quick way to remember things. Web designers, by nature of their work, are forced to cram their heads with TONS of information ranging in many different areas. In this particular post, we have created a dynamite list of 70+ helpful cheat […]