How to Achieve Social Media Success with Content Marketing


It’s an old saying, but the phrase “content is king” still rings as true today as it ever has. If your company is trying to leverage social media to connect with your customers and build your brand, you simply must place a strong focus on your content. Without great content and sound content marketing strategies, you will never build a successful social media presence.

Of course, this begs the all-important question, “What’s the right approach to online content marketing?” Below, you’ll find some great tips for content writing and promotion that will help you engage your target audience in a meaningful, profitable way.

Know your audience–Who are you trying to reach? Different audiences will require different content marketing strategies, so it’s important to define your target audience as precisely as possible. Nail down their demographics, interests, behaviors, preferences, etc., so you can have a clear profile of who your audience is.

Identify your goal-What is the purpose of your content marketing and social media marketing? Exactly what do you hope to accomplish? Of course, you are trying to build your business and make sales, but be more specific than that. Having a purpose for the content you create will help you with your creative process.

Understand the different types of content–Content comes in many different forms, such as articles/blog posts, videos, webinars, photos, infographics, surveys, questions, eBooks/whitepapers, and shared content outside sources. Recent studies have found that mixing up the types of content you produce and share is a key to increasing the level of social media engagement with your audience. Diversify!

Have a promotion plan–Just because you have great content doesn’t mean that anyone is actually going to see it, much less share it and help you spread it. You need to have a plan in place for promoting your content to the masses. One important thing you can do is build a network of influencers to help drive your content. By connecting with influencers in your niche, you can make certain your content gets noticed by your target audience.

Track everything–Once you’ve started producing content, promoting it, and interacting with your target audience, it’s important that you measure your success. You must track absolutely everything, from the amount of traffic your content is driving to which types of content create the highest engagement levels. Use this data to learn what’s working, what’s not working, and what can be tweaked for better results.

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