How to Build Strong Relationships on Twitter


Post by Eric Brantner
The popularity of Twitter is increasing by the day. Unlike other social networks, Twitter isn’t just for high school teens looking to gossip about their classmates. On the contrary, Twitter is used by everyone from small business owners looking to increase their online visibility to high profile athletes (Shaquille O’Neal being one example) wanting to connect with their fans.
If you’re looking for ways to get more out of your Twitter account, there are several things you can do to build stronger relationships with your followers. By following these tips, you won’t just have lasting bonds with your fellow Tweeple, but you’ll also improve your online visibility and your authority.
  • Reply to Your Followers- One of the greatest things about Twitter is the interactivity. That’s why it’s so important to engage with your followers. Just sending a flurry of one way Tweets won’t help you build strong relationships. You have to take part in community discussions, and you need to respond thoughtfully to your followers with @ messages and DMs. Not only does this help you build quality relationships on Twitter, but it also works to improve your follower retention. See, your followers will be less likely to drop you if they know you and they chat with you on a regular basis.
  • Don’t Follow Random People- Following an overabundance of people with varied interests will make it difficult for you build strong relationships on Twitter. Sure, variety is the spice of life, but it doesn’t tend to work so well on this microblog. Here’s why– the constant updates on Twitter can become frustrating if you aren’t truly interested in what they have to say. That’s why most people have very specific reasons for following somebody. Usually, it’s because they’re interested in the same niche as the person they’re following. So, by building a community that shares a common interest, you’ll be able to connect with your followers more effectively.
  • Stop Selling Yourself– If you’re using Twitter for business purposes, you limit your chances of truly connecting with others when you constantly promote yourself. Instead, focus on adding something of value to the community. Send out useful links to sites other than your own; provide insight into important industry topics; and give quality information without any sales pitch attached. Think of it this way– would you follow someone who pimps their products in every single Tweet and who never interacts with their followers? Of course you wouldn’t; so, don’t be “that guy.”
  • Learn about Your Followers- If you have people constantly adding you, it can be difficult to keep up with them all. However, it’s important to take the time to learn about the people who follow you. This doesn’t just mean following their updates. To truly learn about them, you need to read their profile and click on their website link. The more you know about your followers, the better equipped you’ll be to truly connect with them on a personal basis. Also, by showing your followers that you’ve taken the time to learn more about them, they’ll begin to pay more attention to you, thus creating a stronger relationship.
Love it or hate it, Twitter is the hottest social network of the moment. So, what approach do you take to building healthy connections on Twitter? Share them in the replies!

11 thoughts on “How to Build Strong Relationships on Twitter

  1. Well these are all good tips but I think stop selling yourself if probably the most important tip on here. It can’t be overstated not to bomb your links left and right. If you engage in normal meaningful replies and DM on Twitter people will respond to that and want to know more about you. Also I don’t think it’s a good idea to automatically follow someone back just because they follow you. I think this dilutes the focus of following people in your niche and will reduce the quality of the tweets you get from your followers and the quality of your followers. I also take a look at someones profile and then their website if they have no description in their profile I don’t follow them back. I also look at how many people they are following vs how many are following them. i.e. If they are following 1000 people and only have 100 followers that is a bit odd and tells me they are just mass following for the purpose of spamming following spam so I wouldn’t follow that person back.

  2. You have a point there Gerald. There are some people out there who use twitter to social bookmark their own websites. That means they simply have nothing in their own profiles and just keep posting the sites that they are bookmarking. I have actually seen a lot on twitter.

  3. @Eric,

    Yes it keeps the useless conversation to a minimum.

    @Localize Internet Marketing,

    Yeap at first it might seem like a good idea but once your follower numbers starts to go up you start to realize the importance of choosing who you choose to follow wisely.


    I have never heard of using it as a social bookmarking site actually but the point is to consider who you are following. It’s kind of like shouldn’t you take a minute to evaluate who you choose to be friends with IRL? It’s the same concept. You want to be selective about who you allow in your circle because you want to have a good circle.

  4. All good and valid points. Many times you get bombarded with new followers and don’t have time to fully appreciate who they are until you’ve seen their tweets. It’s a learning process like anything else. Thanks for your insights to. MRHYPERPCS

  5. I find it incredible that people don’t instinctively know and understand these things, but they clearly don’t, so thanks for the sensible, useful post.

    One additional thing I do is backtrack through my timeline to see what my tweeps have been talking about while I’ve been away. With my schedule, this usually means going back 10+ hours in time, and it’s getting harder to manage as my following increases, but I figure why follow people if you aren’t going to read what they’re tweeting?

  6. I am newer to Twitter and these are great tips. This is why I am here to learn to build strong relationships around the world. Thanks for all the honest info. – Lionel

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