How to Get Holiday Traffic to Your Website


Now that the holiday season is in full swing, one of your biggest concerns is how to drive shoppers to your website. This is the busiest time of the year for shopping, but you can’t just sit back and expect eager consumers to show up at your website. You have to work to attract holiday traffic to your digital storefront.

These tips will help you attract holiday traffic now and in the future. Use them in good health.

Use Google Adwords Campaign to promote holiday offers — Without a doubt, Paid internet advertisement is one of the best ways to make those holiday sales. With pay per click marketing, you can instantly increase your search engine presence. Target specific keywords that bring buyers for your products and services. Also, make sure the copy in your PPC ads is holiday-themed. Talk about your special holiday deals, mention last-minute shipping dates, and push to get the customer to take action now.

And don’t just use the holiday themes in your PPC ads. Carry it over into your landing pages for consistency. This increases the relevance of your offer, which in turn will serve to boost your conversion rate.

Increase your email sending frequency — You have to work harder than ever during the holidays to catch the attention of your customers. They’re being bombarded by more ads than at any other time of the year, and their inboxes are filling up with sales offers from your competitors.

One way to increase your odds of getting noticed is to temporarily increase the frequency of your mailings during the holiday season. Use very specific, holiday-related subject lines, and make sure each email you send brings value to the recipient. Keep it fresh and interesting, otherwise, you risk annoying your subscribers.

Create holiday-themed linkbait — Now is the time to get really creative if you want to get a huge surge of holiday traffic. Try creating linkbait on your website or blog that is holiday themed. For example, a website that sells movies could create a funny countdown of the worst holiday movies of all time. A gym trying to increase seasonal signups might create an infographic showing how much food people consume during the holidays and how much weight they gain.

Be creative, and promote the heck out of your linkbait. Spread it on Facebook, Twitter, email, Digg, ReddIt…you name it. Get it out there so people will see it, enjoy it, and share it.

Optimize your website for seasonal terms — If your website isn’t currently optimized for seasonal keywords (phrases that get more search volume at certain times of the year), it’s too late to expect organic search engine traffic this holiday season. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t start preparing for next year. Use your keyword research tool of choice to identify trends and seasonal keywords for your industry.

What are you currently doing to get more holiday traffic to your website? Share your tips by leaving a comment below.

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