How to Get More Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest blogging offers a wide range of benefits that includes enhanced credibility, improved search rankings from quality back links, more website traffic, exposure to a wider audience, and so much more. But guest blogging opportunities will rarely just fall into your lap. You typically have to hunt for them, and you’ve probably found that this is easier said than done.
After years of guest blogging, I’ve learned a thing or two about uncovering great opportunities. Here are some of the ways I find more guest blogging opportunities.

Comment regularly on blogs in your niche—If you run a blog, who are you likelier to accept a guest post from—an active member of your community who you know or someone you’ve never heard of? By becoming active on other blogs, you build familiarity with the bloggers, and whenever you decide to pitch your guest post, they’ll already know who you are. This makes them more receptive to your pitch.

Look outside your niche for unique opportunities—While it’s a good idea to guest post on blogs in your niche, you shouldn’t limit yourself. Think outside the box. Where else could you contribute a guest post? Let’s say you’re an accountant. While you could guest post on other accounting/finance blogs, you could also contribute guest posts to all types of other blogs. For example, you may be able to submit a guest post to a lawyer’s blog, offering accounting tips for lawyers. Or you could submit a post to a LifeHacker type blog, where you give tips for being organized and productive at work. The possibilities are endless!

Connect with bloggers on social networking sites—Remember what I said earlier about building familiarity with bloggers before pitching them? One easy way to do this is to connect with them on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Over time, you can build relationships with bloggers, increasing your chances of using them for guest posting opportunities.

Use My Blog Guest to connect with bloggers seeking guest postsMy Blog Guest is an online community of guest bloggers. Blog owners who are looking for guest posts will let the community know what they’re looking for, and members can submit their posts and pitches. There are tons of great guest blogging opportunities for virtually every subject.

Focus on your pitch—If you don’t have a good pitch, you’ll never get any guest blogging opportunities. When emailing a blogger to offer a guest post, you need to keep it short. Get right to the point. Let the blogger know who you are, a bit about your credentials, and what kind of post you can offer for their blog. Let them know why your post would be a good fit on their blog.

What’s your best tip for getting more guest blogging opportunities?

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