Digital Labz Now Has Unlimited Bandwidth

Due to the growing popularity of our site and the high demand for our content, we have upgraded our bandwidth to an unlimited bandwidth status. We apologize for any inconvenience in the past and will continue to make every effort to make sure that our site remains up so you can access information and use […]

Web Design Cheat Sheet : 70+ Cheat Sheet Resources for Web Designers

Posted By Thomson Chemmanoor Cheat sheats, or reference sheets, are a helpful and quick way to remember things. Web designers, by nature of their work, are forced to cram their heads with TONS of information ranging in many different areas. In this particular post, we have created a dynamite list of 70+ helpful cheat sheets […]

Social Media Users: The 14 Peculiar Social Media Users

As social media has become increasingly popular, trends have developed in the people using them. Social media users fall into one or more of these descriptions. Which type of social media user are you? 1. Sir Spam-a-Lot– Everyone is familiar with this social media user. This is the guy who submits spam, spams the comment […]

SEO Web Design : 7 Steps to Optimizing Your Site Before it Goes Live

Post by Eric Brantner Most businesses make the crucial error of hurriedly launching a poorly constructed site for the sake of having something online. It’s only after the site starts performing poorly that they begin to realize something needs to be changed. This is usually when they start searching the internet for solutions, and they […]