Pandas, Penguins what is really cooking in google’s Zoo?


Google is the top search engine for a reason — it gives the searcher the best possible results. As it develops with new formulas to try and find the right page for the person, it also may leave some websites in the dust. Recent changes in it’s plan in the Panda update have taken skimming the web to a whole new level. Getting a website to the top of the results page is not as easy as it was but it also makes getting to the top of that page that much more exciting and gratifying. No longer are ad filled, low content websites with a high number of back links making it to the top. The era of quality content has arrived.

The main point that Google has made with their new formulas is that they will give sites a lower ranking for a high density of advertisements on it and a low density of content. This was made to root out the sites that are just looking to make money with no real point to them. This is great from the perspective of a user of the internet but may be frightening to someone who makes their money off their own website. The owners of these sites do put in a large amount of work into them and do they deserve to be dinged just because of an overage of ads? It is hard to determine but Google is definitely working on it.

To get a site on Google now the most important factor is to have content that interests or benefits the user, and of course the more content the better. Pages that have over 1000 words are now getting higher rankings on Google and pages with 1000+ words with unique keywords are doing even better. By just analyzing the number of words on a page it makes it much easier for the employees at Google to see which website deserves to be ranked the highest. While it may take more work than before it will benefit a site much more to add in more content.

Back Links
Back links are a tricky thing to analyze but Google has also looked into them. Links from shady sites are much less important now and may even hurt a site’s ranking. Links from sites that have many other links to other sites are also something to shy away from as they can hurt ranking as well. Getting back links from high PR websites or sites with quality content will improve the ranking immensely. As sites will generally be linked to other sites with the same reputation this is usually a good representation of the site. Google has noticed this and has put back links much higher on the importance level.

Key Words
The key words to a certain page or to a website determine exactly what the searcher has to input to get to a site on Google. Google also has taken them into consideration for their new formulas and while it’s hard to tell it seems as though they are less important. As always, having key words with too many words or having the key word in the page too many times will hurt the rank of the page. Having quirky key words and less used ones may be something to look into as there are more websites being made every day.

Generally, Google has taken into aspect the way the internet has developed and wants to provide the best service for the user of their services. This means focusing on the content of a website and what makes it a quality website. A good use of key words, a large amount of words on every page, less advertising, and good back links from reputable sites will have any website ranked high on their search engine. It may be getting harder and harder to trick Google but it is developing in a way that will help everyone.

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