How to Speed Up Your SEO Efforts

Getting tired of waiting around for your search engine rankings to increase? Make no mistake. SEO is an ongoing process, and results won’t appear overnight. However, there are things you can do to help speed up your SEO efforts.

Focus on increasing social sharing of your content — Building buzz around your content is one of the best ways to speed up your SEO efforts. The search engines now incorporate social signals when generating results. The more times a particular page is shared across Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, the higher it is likely to rank in the search results. This means you need to focus on creating content people want to share. Your content needs to be unique, interesting, and worth talking about. And you have to promote it. You need to push it across all the social networks, and you need to focus on getting the major influencers in your niche to share it as well.

Use guest blogging to get more links — Link building is a very important part of SEO. The more high quality links you have from other websites pointing to yours, the better. But building links can be time-consuming. One of the most popular methods of link building right now is guest blogging. By becoming a guest author on other blogs, you get to share valuable content, raise awareness of yourself and your brand, and include a couple of links back to your website. Check out My Blog Guest to find guest blogging opportunities more easily.

Study the competition — Checking out the competitive landscape in the search results is a good way to see what others are doing that you might be able to mimic and what they’re not doing that you could capitalize on. This offers a quick way for you to develop an SEO plan for overtaking the competition in the search results.

Take it a little at a time — There are probably dozens of keywords you’ll want to rank for and countless pages on your website that need to be optimized. Tackling all of this at once is a daunting task, but if you focus your efforts on just a few things at a time (e.g. building links around a few keywords, optimizing a certain section on your website, etc.), you’ll start to see results more quickly, and you can move on to other tasks.

Ensure proper site architecture — The layout of your site is very important for SEO purposes. The more disorganized your website is, the harder it is for the search engines to crawl it and rank it. Make sure your site has clear, easy-to-follow navigation, and use keyword-rich internal linking strategically on your website.

What are some of your best tips for faster SEO results? Share them by leaving a comment below.

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