4 Steps Toward Achieving Social Media Sanity

Tweet For small business owners seeking to harness the power of social media, the adage ‘look before you leap’ is appropriate before jumping into the social media abyss.  If you have already leapt in and are drowning in the craziness, step back and take a deep breath before proceeding to the following steps: Revisit Business […]

Effective Elements Offered by Social Media

Tweet All business, whether product- or service-based, is built around an offer.  In the science of language, requests, offers and promises are three acts of speech that allow for coordination of action between human beings.  Offers alone contain all three acts since offers are requests to accept a promise to satisfy a need.  The most […]

6 Pitfalls For Businesses To Avoid Failing In Social Media

Tweet Social media as a guilty pleasure and social media as a business marketing strategy are two completely different online animals.  Businesses that jumped on the social media bandwagon for fear of missing out on the global phenomenon have generally found their expectations to be unrealized. When fear in any form is the basis for […]

7 Simple Tips for Using Facebook to Promote Your Business

Tweet With over 500 million users, Facebook is getting harder and harder for businesses to ignore. Long gone are the days when saying “my customers aren’t on Facebook” was a valid excuse for rejecting social media marketing. The truth is they’re out there, and you need to join them. But marketing on Facebook requires a […]

Social Media Users: The 14 Peculiar Social Media Users

Tweet As social media has become increasingly popular, trends have developed in the people using them. Social media users fall into one or more of these descriptions. Which type of social media user are you? 1. Sir Spam-a-Lot– Everyone is familiar with this social media user. This is the guy who submits spam, spams the […]