6 Pitfalls For Businesses To Avoid Failing In Social Media

Tweet Social media as a guilty pleasure and social media as a business marketing strategy are two completely different online animals.  Businesses that jumped on the social media bandwagon for fear of missing out on the global phenomenon have generally found their expectations to be unrealized. When fear in any form is the basis for […]

How to Build Strong Relationships on Twitter

Tweet Post by Eric Brantner The popularity of Twitter is increasing by the day. Unlike other social networks, Twitter isn’t just for high school teens looking to gossip about their classmates. On the contrary, Twitter is used by everyone from small business owners looking to increase their online visibility to high profile athletes (Shaquille O’Neal being one […]

65 Fake Twitter Profiles With Hilarious Tweets

Tweet It’s interesting to see the way that Twitter is used by various users.  It should then be no surprise to find that people are snatching up almost every profile name of celebrities, politicians, musicians, athletes, and even fictional characters.  What follows is a list of some of of these profiles.  There are funny profile […]