What Should You Do When Your Blog Stops Growing?

Achieving long-term blog growth is a pretty challenging task. At some point, you’re going to plateau and stop attracting new subscribers and visitors. Your traffic levels will flatten out, and in short, your blog will stop getting bigger.


But for most blogs, there are more potential readers out there. Even if you have tens of thousands of devoted subscribers, there are still more people out there who are interested in your subject matter but don’t know your blog exists.
The question is: What can you do when your blog stops getting bigger?

Here are some of my tips. Add your own by leaving a comment at the end of this post.

Start posting on other blogs—Guest blogging is a great way to reach a new audience of interested readers. Find other blogs in your niche that have a loyal reader base. Make a strong pitch to the blogger asking to contribute a post to their blog. Your guest post will have a link or 2 back to your website, helping to drive traffic back to your blog.

Allow guest posts on your blog—Allowing guest posts on your blog has a couple of desirable effects. First, it mixes things up for your readers, providing them with a fresh perspective. And second, the guest blogger will be promoting the post within his or her own network, helping bring new readers to your blog.

Build your Twitter and Facebook networks—Twitter and Facebook are powerful tools for driving new traffic to your blog. But if you’re not focusing on expanding your networks and connecting with key influencers, you’re going to end up Tweeting your content out to the same group of people over and over. Connecting with social media influencers in your niche is the way to get your content spread far and wide.

Don’t try to push every post with all your effort—Look, not every post you publish is worthy of going viral. And if you’re constantly pushing every post and tapping your network to help with promotion, you’re going to start seeing diminishing returns. You have to know when to use your network of promoters to get their best effort and the best results.

Join new online communities in your niche—Always be on the lookout for other forums, social networking groups, and online communities in your niche that you can join to expand your network. Remember, you can’t just go into a new community and start promoting aggressively. You have to put in the time to learn how the community works and to build relationships before you start seeing results.

What are some of your best tips for sustaining blog growth over the long term? Share your tips by leaving a comment.


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