Google Adwords Management Services

One of the easiest and the fastest way to get quality and targeted traffic to your business website is through Google Adwords Campaign, running a google adwords pay per click will allow you to increase your marketing potential and will help to increase the amount of high quality and targeted traffic which will convert into sales and leads within 24hrs. Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns are part of our search engine marketing services. We maintain your Adwords PPC campaign which in turn saves you money and time. We monitor your Google Adword or MSN adcenter Campaign to maximize your return on investment through effective strategies. We specialize in Google Adwords Management, and MSN Adcenter.

Pay per click advertisement is a paid version of search engine marketing. You pay only when visitors click on your paid search engine results. The more you’re willing to bid, the higher your ad will be placed on the paid search engine results.

Proven strategies of Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns for all businesses

Through our proven strategies, we manage your PPC campaign focusing on getting you a maximum return on your investment. We analyze each competitive online paid position and provide a pay per click advertisement campaign for your business.

Keyword Identification and Analysis: This is the most important part of any PPC strategy. Our specialists identify the keywords and phrases that are best suited for your campaign so that you can get maximum return on investment.

Creative Title and Description: Title and descriptions are an important part of paid ads. We create titles and descriptions within the stipulated character limitations. These will attract targeted potential customers to click on the ad and in turn make a conversion.

PPC Set Up: We set up your campaign for your business in Google Adwords, Yahoo’s Search Marketing and other Pay per click programs.

Pay Per Click Maintenance: Digital Labz constantly monitors how your campaign is performing. We tweak the keywords and phrases which work best for your PPC campaign and fine tune your PPC Bid Management.

Monthly Report of the Campaign: We send out a performance report with advice and recommendations for your campaign. We keep track of the paid visitors to your site and also advise you on conversion rates.