Web Analytics Consulting Services

We at Digital Labz help you understand the data that your website collects through our web analytics consulting services. Our services include examining this data which includes the actions of the thousands of visitors that visit your website. We also help you understand their actions before they visit your website so that we get a better understanding of your website’s customers.

With this information, we get a clear picture about your propsective customers and your website like what helped the visitor reach your site. Through web analytics, we can find out if the visitor reached your website through a search engine because of your search engine optimization efforts, or a referral link due to your link building effors, or through a paid advertisment campaign or some other source.

We also find out how long the visitors remained on your site, the pages they had viewed and how long they had actually stayed on each page and which pages they had just left. We can also find out what the visitor was looking for in the website, the keywords they had reached to find the website and much more valuable information for your site.

With all this information, we at Digital Labz help make it easy for you to make website decisions; find out which products are popular on your site, help you in improving your website conversion rates and in the process, help increase sales and at increasing your site visibility through higher search engine rankings.

With our vast knowledge in website analytics consulting and specialists in Google Analytics, we also help you with search engine optimization (SEO) by providing targeted SEO. We strive at providing quality traffic to your website, and then work at attracting targeted visitors to your site


We then work out which areas of your website are most successful in bringing visitors to your site. All this will bring about more targeted visitors to your site, who are most likely to turn into your site customers.